Harmony Hemp™ uses familiar, FDA registered, over-the-counter ingredients such as lidocaine and menthol to relieve stubborn joint and muscle pain. Whether your hands are throbbing after 18 holes of golf, or your back is sore from a long day of gardening, Harmony Hemp™ has the right product for you. The Flexible™ collection uses lidocaine to help block pain signals for relief from symptoms of neuropathic pain; especially in hands and feet. With the addition of premium CBD, Harmony Hemp™ makes getting relief easy with a roll-on, gel and lotion formulas! For joint and muscle pain relief, Harmony Hemp™ uses menthol, arnica, and comfrey in their Flexible™ Relief collection. Available in a roll-on, gel or lotion, you can also choose either 500 mg CBD or 1,000 mg CBD amounts.