Harmony Hemp™ NeuroComfort™

Harmony Hemp™ NeuroComfort™ products help deliver long-lasting, cooling comfort. Each product is made with high-quality CBD oil, a natural plant extract. You can choose to take capsules or apply a gel or lotion to your skin.


Cannabinoids are organic chemical compounds your body produces to help you stay well. Hemp plants (scientists call them “Cannabis”) contain cannabinoids that act in the same ways as those you make on your own. They bind to special receptors throughout the body and brain that are responsible for regulating a variety of physiological systems, including mood, memory, and appetite. Hemp oil extract is high in CBD, or cannabidiol, which activates those receptors and stimulates your body’s natural defenses. With CBD lotions and gels, you can apply directly to your skin. Capsules can bring harmony and can support your overall health and well-being.