Extra Strength Concentrated CBD Drops - 5 Pack

$199.95 $89.99$79.99 w/ Subscription


Extra Strength Concentrated CBD Drops – 5 Pack

$199.95 $89.99$79.99 w/ Subscription

Our Full Spectrum CBD Concentrated Drops are specially designed using nanotechnology which breaks CBD down into smaller increments and allows for up to five to ten times more bioavailability than traditional oil tinctures. This means your body is able to more easily and efficiently absorb CBD, maximizing the benefits. The chocolate mint flavor makes these drops even more enjoyable.

Our formula is created with the highest grade CBD, grown and manufactured in the USA.






100% organic and terpene-rich Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, Natural chocolate and Mint Flavorings, Saponin Extract, Vitamin C


Harmony Hemp™ creates superlative CBD products designed to support your body’s Endocannabinoid system and encourage harmony to achieve overall homeostasis. We pride ourselves in utilizing natural ingredients and exceptional grade CBD, cultivated in the USA, to ensure the highest caliber products.

Additional information

Weight 18.25 oz

10 mg CBD per serving, 300 mg of CBD per bottle

How Do I Use It?

Place one full dropper in mouth, hold for 30-60 seconds and swallow. Use as needed.